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Alex Syrtsov

IG: @alexvisions

I am an experienced, passionate and versatile person with 8 years of experience in research and technology. 
⚗️ I am a knowledge conductor, researcher and inventor.

I traveled and lived in many parts of the world and received incredible knowledge and wisdom from leading professors, doctors, teachers and spiritual masters. I also hold a master's degree in psychology.

💫 I have a deep passion for technology while simultaneously can tap into the ancient wisdom and spirituality.
🥼 I am an international communicator and a representative of the Lightseeds company and the Center for New Technologies.

My mission is to continue to connect with like-minded people, create a network of conscious people and create the most 🌟🔭 advanced technologies to help humanity.
👨‍🔬🤝 I work with other professors and scientists to develop and manufacture technologies that improve cognitive functions of the brain and expand consciousness.

The aim of my work is to educate stakeholders. 💡 Transfer of their knowledge, experience and vision with the aim of expanding their consciousness and worldview with the help of advanced technologies. This will improve the quality of life and longevity.
🤍🔥 I will be glad to new acquaintances and cooperation.


Lola Lhamo

IG: @lolalhamo

Founder of QUANTA’Hacking Centre, integrating sacred 💫 practices of Energy Medicine, Yoga, Qi Gong, mindfulness, Sound Healing and latest bio-hacking tech.

🌟 Founder of www.Creators.Earth platform.
An architect of innovative transformational projects and ambassador of conscious leadership.
15 years in international business consultancy, in conceiving and managing marketing 🤝 intelligence projects in the finance, payments, telecoms, computing, FMCG, luxury goods and healthcare sectors.

Areas of expertise include advising stakeholders on strategy for international markets, optimisation of sales and corporate 💡 communications, smart digital strategy, crowdsourcing, and innovative turnarounds.
Consulting on complex project developments for organizations across Europe, the UK, USA, Asia and Russia.

Coaching on personal and professional transformation and team leadership. Lola bridges deep knowledge of spirituality & science, with a mission to transform corporate practices & offers 🤍🔥 QUANTA Evolutionary Leadership Coaching programme.