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Biomatrix Scan

A Biomatrix Scan will provide an estimation of your health state by measuring your Heart Rate Variability in real time. This is done by placing both your palms onto two metal plates connected to our program. The information provided includes your Vegetative Regulation, Neurohormonal Regulation, Psycho-emotional State, Fractal Analysis, Gerontological Curve, Portrait of your Aura, Chakras Activity Map and the Chart of the Meridians.



Biorhythms Reading

By calculating your biorhythms using your date of birth, weight, height and blood type, we are able to see the aspects of your life expressed through rhythmic cycles of energy. These include your metabolic cycle, psychosomatic cycle, neuroendocrine cycle, lunar cycle and food sensitivities. We can therefore help you navigate and optimize your capabilities and productivity better.


Bioresonance Therapy

A Web-Wellness Scan is done by using a portable device intended for the effective control of parasites, body detox and the prevention of many diseases. Within 5 minutes, it generates a report based on a scan of 47 organs and systems in your body.

Bioresonance Therapy is a biophysical treatment method that works with your body’s own energy field. The device transmits electromagnetic waves whose frequencies resonate with those of various pathogenic microorganisms within your body thus killing them. It is absolutely safe and have no side effects.


Singlet Oxygen Therapy

Singlet-oxygen therapy is a highly advanced, safe, non-invasive and non-toxic treatment that is able to harness the power of photosynthesis (sunlight to chemical energy) to trigger your body’s own natural healing and balancing mechanisms. It decreases free radicals, balances stress hormones, improves parasympathetic response and increases sustained energy levels. This therefore results in increased vitality, health, beauty, and well-being.


Light Mandala Therapy

Light Mandala Therapy utilizes the “Mandala Scan, Light Alchemy and Astral Star” equipment to produce precise geometric patterns of coherent light combined with geometric structures of pure resonantly tuned crystals to deliver precise informational resonances interacting through the human energetic meridian nodes, points and auric fields. This results in harmonious mental, emotional & psycho-spiritual states.



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